Changes to jurisdiction levels of civil courts

The changes to the monetary jurisdictions of the civil courts proposed by  Courts and Civil Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2013 will take effect on 3rd February, 2014. The new limits will be: District Court: €15,000. Circuit Court in civil proceedings (other than personal injury claims): €75,000. Circuit Court for personal injury actions €60,000.  

Personal Injuries *: Compensation for tripping / falling / slipping in a shop

Compensation for tripping / falling / slipping in a shop * To establish a personal injuries*  case and obtain compensation for a trip / fall / slip in a shop you must first of all prove that your personal injury* was caused by the negligence of the shop or an agent or employee of the […]

Pizza Delivery man awarded €7,000 compensation for dog bite. *

The High court awarded a pizza delivery man €7,000 in compensation after he sustained an injury delivering promotional leaflets. The pizza delivery man sued the homeowners of a property in Portobello, Dublin following the incident. He explained to the court that he had been delivering promotional leaflets for Apache Pizza when a dog bit his finger. […]

Personal Injuries *: Compensation Guide

Personal Injuries: Compensation Guide* The Injuries Board provide an estimate of figures which provide a general guideline in relation to the value of an injury claim. Obviously each case depends on its own merits taking individual circumstances into account i.e. the severity of the injury, age, occupation etc. In addition there may be a claim for […]

Personal Injuries * : Passenger settles claim against Ryanair

A passenger who sued Ryanair after falling down steps while exited a Ryanair plane settled her  €38,000 compensation claim* . The mobile steps were claimed to be wet and slippy. The plaintiff confirmed she was holding a rail with one hand and carrying hand luggage in the other when she fell. The sum settled was undisclosed to […]

What to do after a Road Traffic Accident *

What to do after a Road Traffic Accident * Cosgrove Gaynard Solicitors set out the below step by step guide to what to do after a road traffic accident. At all times it should be remembered that your health is paramount and is the first thing you need to attend to after a road traffic […]

Making a Personal Injuries Claim *

Making a Personal Injuries Claim * Under the Personal Injuries Assessment Board Act 2003, anyone intending to seek compensation for a personal injury (other than medical negligence/ malpractice ) must make an application through the Personal Injuries Board (PIAB) unless the claim is settled directly between the parties. The first step your solicitor will take […]

Personal Injury * : What is the difference between an Accident and a Claim ?

There can at times be a fine line between an accident and an accident that gives rise to compensation due to  negligence.  However the law does distinguish between the two. To put it simply, in the eyes of the law an accident is an incident that no one could possibly have foreseen and for which […]