Conveyancing fees

Conveyancing fees Quotations for conveyancing in Ireland varies vastly between firms. Historically, fees for conveyancing were calculated on a percentage basis being 1% of the purchase price of the property plus VAT and Outlay. However the market is competitive and so the majority of firms have either reduced this percentage figure or indeed offer fixed price […]


What is Conveyancing? The term Conveyancing is a legal term used to describe the transfer of legal title/ ownership of property from one person to another. In other words Conveyancing is the purchase and sale of a property. The term Conveyancing may also be used to describe other dealings which may occur on a property ie the granting […]

Sale of a Property in Ireland

Sale of a Property in Ireland   There are two ways to sell a property in Ireland – Private Treaty or by Auction.  Your Auctioneer will advise you on which method is best suited to your property.   Once this decision is made you need to notify your solicitor so that they can take up […]