Probate – Executor Check List

Probate – Executor Check List

This is a Checklist for Executors/ Administrators of an Estate setting out the basic information and documents required by us as Solicitors acting in the Probate / Administration of an Estate :

  • Death certificate of the deceased.


  • The original Will and any codicils (amendments or attachments if any) OR where there is no Will, a list of all next of kin   of the Deceased.


  • A list of all of the assets of the deceased i.e. property, bank accounts, Life Policies, Business, Credit Union accounts, Post Office accounts, shares , bonds, car etc. Copy Statements to be provided where possible and location of title deeds.


  • A list of all of the debts of the deceased i.e. funeral expenses, credit cards, mortgages, utility bills, phone bills, outstanding loans, debtors etc.  Copy Statements to be provided.


  • The PPS Number of the Deceased


  • Full details of the Deceased including addresses and former addresses, occupation, date of birth, marital status, children etc.


  • The addresses of all beneficiaries/next of kin.


  • The occupations and PPS tax numbers of all beneficiaries/next of kin.


  • Details of previous gifts/inheritances to any of the beneficiaries.


For further information please contact Cosgrove Gaynard Solicitors for further information at 01 6139191,, web:


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