Employment Law update – equality tribunal

In a recent judgment from the equality tribunal, it was found that an employer discriminated against an employee on the grounds of race. The employee claimed that whilst working as a waiter/ bartender, he received less pay than a co worker who was Irish. He received €10 per hour whilst his co worker received €13 – […]

Employment Law Update – Discriminatory Treatment

Grainne Campbell v Bank of Ireland – Employment Law case update. The claimant contented that she was subjected to discriminatory treatment on the grounds of gender and disability contrary to Section 8 of the  Employment Equality Acts. The Complainant commenced employment with Bank of Ireland in 2006 as a Private Banking Manager. Historically it was […]

Parental Leave – Update

Parental Leave – update The Parental Leave Act 1998, as amended by 2006 (Amendment) Act, provides that parents in Ireland can take parental leave from employment in relation to certain children. On the 8th March 2013 the European Union (Parental Leave) Regulations 2013 increased parental leave 18 weeks from 14 weeks. The regulations also provide […]

Employment Law : Award to migrant quashed over illegal status

Award to migrant quashed over illegal status A ruling by the High Court today may have the effect of leaving undocumented migrant workers in Ireland without protection from exploitation under current employment  laws. The High Court today quashed an award of €92,000 to Pakistani chef Mohammad Younis, who worked for his cousin at a Dublin restaurant for seven […]

Social Media Policy – Why it’s essential your organisation has one

Social Media Policy – Why it’s essential your organisation has one. Most organisations will have internet and email use either written into employee contracts or separate policies and may also block social media applications such as facebook, youtube and twitter from work computers, however this is not enough. You cannot take away the freedom of […]