Employment Law update – equality tribunal

In a recent judgment from the equality tribunal, it was found that an employer discriminated against an employee on the grounds of race. The employee claimed that whilst working as a waiter/ bartender, he received less pay than a co worker who was Irish. He received €10 per hour whilst his co worker received €13 – […]

Changes to jurisdiction levels of civil courts

The changes to the monetary jurisdictions of the civil courts proposed by  Courts and Civil Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2013 will take effect on 3rd February, 2014. The new limits will be: District Court: €15,000. Circuit Court in civil proceedings (other than personal injury claims): €75,000. Circuit Court for personal injury actions €60,000.  

Revised Code of Conduct on Mortgage Arrears

The Central Bank has today published the revised Code of Conduct on Mortgage Arrears which essentially sets out the framework for mortgage lenders/ banks in dealings with borrowers who are in arrears. See the link below for the Revised Code of Conduct: http://www.centralbank.ie/regulation/processes/consumer-protection-code/Documents/2013%20CCMA.pdf  

Are you looking to buy at Auction?

If so, It is important you follow the below steps. The next Allsop Auction will take place on the 4th July 2013 which contains a wide range of auction properties both residential apartments and houses to mixed use and commercial properties. If you wish to purchase a property at the upcoming Auction you should note that on […]

Court update: Planning permission | Unauthorised Structure

Court update: Planning permission | Unauthorised Structure A decision by the High Court to overturn an order made by Wicklow County Council to demolish a premises built without planning permission has been met with some interest . The lady involved, Katie Fortune, has lived in the premises (a chalet) with her children since 1999. The […]

Personal injuries *: Compensation for Accident in a Creche

Personal injuries *: Compensation for Accident in a Creche A child who was 4 years old, was injured in an accident in creche when she knelt on broken glass which was on the floor of the crèche. The Creche in question, admitted liability for the cut to her knee which left a visible scar. They […]

New Jurisdiction Limits for District and Circuit Courts

New Jurisdiction Limits for District and Circuit Courts The new Courts Bill 2013 increases the jurisdiction of the District Court and Circuit Court in civil matters as follows: Circuit Court increased from €38,092 to €75,000 District court increased from €6,350 to €15,000   This review is certainly warranted given that it is almost two decades […]

Defamation – Damages of €150,000 awarded to Denis O’Brien

A defamation action taken by Denis O’Brien against The Irish Daily Mail has resulted in damages of €150,000 being awarded against the paper after an article was published accusing him of being a hypocrite. See below for further details: http://www.thejournal.ie/denis-obrien-awarded-e150k-in-damages-in-defamation-case-against-newspaper-796470-Feb2013/    

Pizza Delivery man awarded €7,000 compensation for dog bite. *

The High court awarded a pizza delivery man €7,000 in compensation after he sustained an injury delivering promotional leaflets. The pizza delivery man sued the homeowners of a property in Portobello, Dublin following the incident. He explained to the court that he had been delivering promotional leaflets for Apache Pizza when a dog bit his finger. […]