Bank of Ireland Stamp Duty Refund

Bank of Ireland Stamp Duty Refund

Bank of Ireland have announced a new incentive for first time buyers. They are offering 1% of your mortgage amount to cover stamp duty for First time buyers (who plan to live in the property) on mortgages drawndown between the 2nd April and the 30th September 2014. Therefore those who already have loan offers issued but have not yet drawndown funds are still eligible.

Definition of first time buyer

A first time buyer is defined as :

” a person who has never previously, either on their own or with another, purchased a property (house, apartment, site) in Ireland or abroad”.

Please note if there is a joint application, both parties must be first time buyers.


The bank will refund the 1% into the borrowers mortgage paying account after drawdown by direct debit.

Once the mortgage is drawn down, we will arrange a payment equal to 1% of the drawn down amount direct into the customer’s mortgage paying account within 45 days of drawdown.


If the mortgage is paid back within 5 years, or remortgaged with another bank, Bank of Ireland have reserved the right to seek a refund.